Relationships II


Once you realize that the quality of your relationships comes down to the quality in the way you handle yourself—you can relate to just about anybody. The ability to relate to someone is nothing more than the ability to care and to listen. This grants the ability to feel what they are feeling. It’s simply a matter of silencing your own ego, emotion, and opinions — in exchange for reaching an understanding of them. Once you understand someone, you can communicate with them. And Relationship = Communication.

Good communication is the exchanging and sharing of feelings, ideas, and information — Successfully. Successfully means Achievement. Successfully means a Way that Works. The only thing that hinders the successful sharing of feelings, ideas, and information — is the rigidity of the mind — the rigid intellectual opinions of the mind — and bashing each other around with the stupidity of each other’s stupid opinions. Let’s ditch the stupidity. Sharing is a matter of Openness. Open-Mindedness. Not Close-Mindedness.

To Close is to Shut. The moment you Shut Down your Open Mind — is the very moment the Conversation is Over. It’s all just the bs lip service of your ego, after that. Pointlessness. Conversations Kill — because of the interjection of inner negativity — the coldness of rigid intellectual opinions. Nothing more.

Most people are so wrapped up in their own ego and the inner dialogue of their own minds, that they fail to see the one thing in front of their face — required for a relationship to even work — the other person. Relationships involve Two. Not just you, but you and the other person. What does the other person feel? What does the other person really need? Can you sacrifice your selfishness long enough to even know?

If you can’t listen to another person long enough to determine what they feel and really need — then you don’t really care about them or what they need — and none of this even matters — because you’re too stuck on yourself — and you don’t really want a relationship with them anyway. Strange, but true. The amount of time you spend with someone simply comes down to a matter of efficiency — based on the nature of the relationship. The nature of every relationship is slightly different. You have to define the nature of your relationships with people a bit, simply because relationships are basically agreements. Agreements are the harmony of feelings. Agreements = Harmony. Disagreements = Disharmony.

The ability to achieve and maintain harmony is primarily within the quality of your own behavior — not your opinions — but the way you behave — the quality in which you handle yourself — the quality in which you handle things — the Subtle Art of Negotiation. Obviously, the more interests you have in common with someone — the better the relationship is, but that is simply what defines the type of relationship. No matter what type of relationship is concerned — family, friends, business, whatever — the quality of who and what you are should remain the same — to be authentic, genuine, and true.

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