How to Heal Mind

How to Heal Mind

Emotion and Mind are intertwined. You can neutralize any emotion with a stance of Non-Reaction. But the root of emotion is not the emotion. The root of the emotion is not the conditions, circumstances, or situations that you experience. The root of emotion is within the rigid intellectual opinions of the mind. The true ability to heal emotion and mind is within the ability to ditch your rigid intellectual opinions.

To heal the mind—you have to understand What Rigid Intellectual Opinions Really Are.

Rigid Intellectual Opinions are Cold Mental Lies. Opinions are views and judgements that are not based on any real fact, knowledge, or wisdom. Opinions are essentially the beliefs that one holds and stands behind—regardless of the full truth. That which is not true is called false. To stand behind that which is false is to stand behind that which is a lie. To speak false is human ignorance. Let’s evolve a bit.

The rigid intellectual opinions of the human mind form the very limitations of one’s own life experience. Judgement defines reality. Judgement confines reality. The very moment you judge something as being definite within your own human mind is the very moment that you trap yourself within the limitations of your own human mind. Your limitations are your own—even if they were imposed upon you. Own it.

The ability to heal is the ability to change the way you feel. Nothing effects the way you feel more than your very own rigid intellectual opinions. The speed in which you can heal your mind is directly related to the speed in which you can change your mind. The secret is to view everything in life as being nothing more than an interesting evolutionary experience. You have to accept anything and everything that has ever happened to you. You may not like it, but you at least have to accept it. The way things are is the way things are. The way things were is the way things were. That was then. This is now. You are the one responsible for the now. You have to reach acceptance and forgiveness to reach inner peace. Otherwise, you are simply trapping yourself within the rigidity of the cold human intellect.

The challenge with healing the mind is the rigidity. The mind goes in loops. The mind goes in circles. The mind simply does not want to let go. Let go of what? What is there to let go of? Opinions. Nothing more.

Opinions are embedded in the conscious and subconscious. It’s basically programming. You can heal the subconscious programming by simply meditating on things, simply looking at your issues, accepting and forgiving things, and reaching a deeper understanding of things. It is the understanding of things that changes the opinion of things. It is the understanding of things that grants one wisdom beyond opinion.

You heal conscious programming by neutralizing it, as it arises. If a thought of hate comes in, you stop and say, “No. Love”. If a thought of anger comes in, you stop and say, “No. Allow”. You simply counter the negativity of the mind by contradicting it with its opposite. Even if you never meditate, this process will heal and transform both conscious and subconscious programming. You basically reprogram yourself over time. Eventually, your mind becomes your friend—working for you—rather than against you.

What rests beyond emotion and mind? Happiness. Inner Power. Liberation. Peace. Vibrancy. Many things.

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