Trance State Meditation

Trance State Meditation

I’ve experimented with altered states of consciousness for over twenty years. One of the safest ways to enhance your perception and enter deep trance state levels is to use audio metronomes set to specific brainwave speeds. A brief overview of these states is provided below. If you’d like to experiment with these states, Stuart Wilde’s Art of Meditation CD includes excellent metronomes in theta and delta, as well as an alpha heartbeat meditation.

Delta Brainwave State (0.5-4 Hz)
A person is normally totally unconscious or in a very deep level of sleep at the delta brainwave state, with no awareness of their physical body. It is a natural function to enter the delta brainwave pattern at night, when the body slows down its metabolic rate and rejuvenates itself. Staying awake at this level can be difficult at first, but it is possible… and leads to very deep, visionary and otherworldly experiences.

Theta Brainwave State (4-7 Hz)
The body’s ability to move is normally shut down in the theta state. It is the brainwave level that we normally experience during dreams while we sleep. Training yourself to stay awake in a theta trance state will help you learn to expand, move and control your etheric energy. If you can maintain this level, with eyes wide open… it can also help you learn to see the etheric life force around people, plants and animals.

Alpha Brainwave State (7-13 Hz)
If you simply close your eyes, you’ll change your brainwave pattern, and it will begin to slow down into an alpha state. This is the level normally experienced when you feel very calm, during light sleep or while meditating. It is that dreamy state between sleep and wake, where you can experience inner serenity, creative ideas and visions.

Beta Brainwave State (13-40 Hz)
The normal “waking state consciousness” is experienced when the brain is operating in the beta range. It’s known as the arousal state, because it is the brainwave range experienced when the mind is very active.

Gamma Brainwave State (40+ Hz)
For the past several years, I’ve been experimenting with gamma level brainwave speeds. Its rate is very fast, and takes some getting used to, but it can generate deep levels of compassion… and a few things that I’ll cover later…

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