The Anatomy of Pandemic II

The Anatomy of Pandemic

The Anatomy of Pandemic is about more than just an outbreak of an infectious disease. It’s about humanity’s emotional reaction to it. It’s about the underlying intentions of the sociological, socioeconomic, and sociopolitical objectives behind it and the psychology surrounding it. It’s about how it’s being used as an experiment to restructure both the economy and society on a global scale. It’s about how it’s being propagandized into the programming and control of human minds.

I’ve said from the beginning that you can’t trust the coronavirus pandemic case reports and death rate numbers, because the reports are being exaggerated, falsified, hyped, or inaccurately reported. It makes it virtually impossible to calculate accurate statistics.

The confirmed cases and deaths were wrong from the beginning, because a number of China’s cases were double-tallied. Single cases were being reported by two separate medical facilities, showing up as two separate cases in the overall statistical numbers. Exactly how many cases were double-listed? Nobody knows. Because China continually changes the way they count coronavirus cases. But nobody stopped to read the small print. And how many times that’s been done by other countries and national authorities is impossible to say. It’s called, “human error”. And how much about human error never gets caught or reported? That’s the thing about errors and mistakes. People don’t always see them, and people don’t necessarily own up to them, even when they do.

How much is human error versus how much is intentionally falsifying the numbers?

The National Authorities and the World Health Organization (WHO) were compiling data and information faster than anyone could possibly analyze it or validate it. That leaves room for a huge amount of human error. And who releases medical data and information before it can be properly analyzed and validated? Or maybe the question is, Why?

The WHO released 209 daily Situation Reports from January 21 to August 16, 2020.

On August 28th, 2020, the WHO released a Data Change Log — a 16-page document that listed a number of WHO’s errors and mistakes made in their Situation Reports between February 4th and August 28th, as well as information changed by National Authorities — basically errors and corrections revealing that the initial case reports and deaths were hyper-inflated and inaccurate numbers.

Two Days Later on August 30, 2020, the WHO’s Data Change Log document mysteriously disappeared from WHO’s website — and was replaced with a Weekly Operational Update. And then the Data Change Log reappeared on their site, just moved to another location.

The Next Day on August 31, 2020, the WHO releases a Weekly Epidemiological Update that states: “Due to public health authorities conducting data reconciliation exercises which remove large numbers of cases or deaths from their total counts, negative numbers may be displayed in the new cases/deaths columns as appropriate.”

And the document states, “Prior Situation Reports will not be edited.”

If that’s not a sign of deceitful intentions, I don’t know what is.

You can’t necessarily expect governments and organizations to be 100% accurate all of the time, because human beings aren’t perfect. You have to understand that there will always be a certain amount of human error. But to make mistakes is one thing. To hide them and pretend that they do not exist is another. And even if they’re not entirely covering it up, because they are making corrections in their weekly updates, doesn’t necessarily mean that they are going to promote their errors and mistakes.

Most of the Data Change Log reads things like: “Total cases incorrectly reported. Data have been corrected.” and, “Counts adjusted retrospectively by national authorities.”

That doesn’t really explain much. Most of the verbiage in the document sounds dodgy, like they’re trying to avoid a full explanation of things. Most of it doesn’t really say anything about the actual numbers. “Data have been corrected” doesn’t really tell you anything or mean anything. And then some of it gives actual numbers.

Here’s a summarized nutshell of a few lines in the report that list numbers:

  • Update 27 April 2020, Spain: 12,130 cases were excluded. 
  • Update 29 April 2020, France: 1,544 cases were excluded. 
  • Update 4 May 2020, the U.S.A.: 1,696 deaths were excluded. 
  • Erratum 14 May 2020, Italy: 2000 deaths excluded. 
  • Update 27 June 2020, Spain: 1,625 deaths excluded. 
  • Update 3 July 2020, the United Kingdom: 29,726 cases have been excluded. 
  • Update 15 August 2020, United Kingdom: 5,359 deaths deducted.

Those are just a few lines, but we’re talking about a 16-page document full of errors and corrections. “Cases incorrectly reported.” doesn’t really mean anything without providing the actual numbers. “Total deaths and new deaths incorrectly reported. Data have been corrected.” doesn’t mean anything without explaining the numbers and corrections made.

The WHO made their Daily Situation Reports look pretty and comprehensible, with color, graphs, and maps with a nice layout, even though it was based on errors and inaccurate numbers. It’s called graphic design, marketing, and promotion. But their Data Change Log was just a bunch of black and white text line listings that don’t even explain anything. It’s called, “avoidance”. It’s deceitful.

The point is that the WHO compiled and released 209 Daily Situation Reports of data and information about coronavirus cases and deaths that wasn’t even properly analyzed or validated before it was released to the general public and governments — and the data and information was falsified, hyper-inflated, inaccurate, and wrong.

But The Hiss of The Snake (News Media) Ran With It Anyway — to blitzkrieg society with buzzwords, new daily coronavirus cases, and new daily coronavirus deaths — causing total global panic, hysteria, and mayhem with people flooding hospitals, panic-buying, social distancing, and wearing masks — causing government lockdowns and crashing the global economy. Never mind the food and supply shortages.

Do you think The WHO or News Media are going to apologize? No. Do they ever? They just spin it into more lies and move on to the next thing they can terrorize society with.

Here’s something funny. There is absolutely no such thing as “new daily coronavirus cases” or “new daily coronavirus deaths” — because the number released on that day is a Backlog of cases and deaths. It takes time to compile data into a report. And the Backlog can be a week or even months of information.

If you say there were 5,000 new coronavirus deaths today, it sounds scary. But if that number is actually from 30 days of backlogged information, it’s only 166 deaths per day. It makes it impossible to know exactly how many deaths were on any given day. All you can do is use averages. And if that information was full of errors and inaccuracies that are being modified in a Data Change Log, it makes it impossible to know.

But The News Media reports it as being “new daily coronavirus deaths” anyway.

Do you see?

The thing about doctors and scientists is that they are often arrogant and egotistical and suffer from The White Shadow God-Complex. Their arrogance of thinking that they know everything and trying to control everything leads to abnormal and irrational behavior and thought processes that over-ride their natural common sense and sympathy. They will promote health “care”, but they are often callous, cold, and willing to treat human beings like lab rats. And they make mistakes. But people listen to them anyway, because people don’t necessarily know anything either — but they trust certificates, degrees, and titles.

And these are the same highly-educated specialists that released falsified, hyper-inflated, and inaccurate information to the general public and governments — causing total global panic, hysteria, and mayhem. And now they are releasing a Data Change Log?

But once you unleash the floodgates of human emotion and mind — how can you undo it? You Can’t. And delusion, emotion, fear, hysteria, and paranoia make people believe in and do irrational and unwise things. So then you have a global pandemic of human ignorance and nonsense to contend with. Because nobody knows what they are doing. Nobody reads the small print themselves to actually understand what’s really happening. And people will happily or unhappily follow along in doing whatever they are shown or told to do next.

Much of the coronavirus pandemic is nothing more than Monkey See, Monkey Do. People will imitate each other’s actions, behaviors, and words without any understanding of why it’s being done. And they have no understanding of the consequences that it renders.

Mandatory Mask-Wearing Mania was actually caused by the general public. It was caused by their emotional reaction and fear — because nobody was following the original context and instructions of the when, where, what, why, and how to use face masks. People are just afraid of life and death — regardless of whether or not there’s any real danger or threat. And you have to remember that businesses, doctors, education system, health care workers, governments, politicians, scientists, and news media are people too. Everybody just follows suit. And then the businesses, general population, and governments become the enforcers of an Illusionary Mandate. And then it becomes real.

You have to remember that the Collective Human Consciousness Considers the Collective Consensus to Be Sane — Even If It’s Irrational, Unhealthy, and Unnatural. It’s Insane.

There’s no valid proof that Non-Pharmaceutical Intervention (NPIs) even work. There are actually scientific and statistical reports that show they’ve been totally ineffective. Just because several things happen concurrently is no sign of causation. The reports actually show that transmission rates and deaths rapidly decline to zero in any location anywhere in the world — regardless of whether or not NPIs were even enforced and implemented.

It challenges and contradicts the previous “theories” of transmission and containment.

But the WHO and News Media aren’t going to promote that.

All it really took to “Flatten The Curve” was for people to Stay Away from the Hospitals — because 80% of the people showing up didn’t require medical attention in the first place. It had nothing to do with Non-Pharmaceutical Intervention.

What’s it all mean? It means that enforcing NPIs (Lockdowns, Self-Isolating, Anti-Social Distancing, Staying At Home, and Mandatory Mask-Wearing) are and were unnecessary.

But people believe in it anyway, because they are afraid and told to do so.

And Human See, Human Do — Regardless of Understanding Why They Do What They Do.

All we can deduce is that the highly-educated specialists in charge of this pandemic are either highly-educated idiots That Don’t Know What They Are Doing — or that they are highly-educated strategists That Know Exactly What They Are Doing.

The National Authorities and the World Health Organization (WHO) were compiling data and information faster than anyone could possibly analyze it or validate it — and releasing it to the general public, governments, and news media. And who releases medical data and information before it can be properly analyzed and validated? Was it arrogance? Was it ego? Was it fear? Was it ignorance? Of global leaders? Or maybe the real question is, Why?

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