5G Conspiracy Nonsense

5G Conspiracy Nonsense

Before I get into explaining this much further, I would like to first explain that I’m not necessarily an advocate of 5G (Fifth Generation) Technology. I’m not necessarily saying that 5G Technology is good for people. I don’t believe there’s been enough testing. But right now, there are conspiracy theories out there that are spreading fear and paranoia. And fear and paranoia are worse for you than 5G Technology is.

The problem with activists and conspiracy theorists is that they often like to cherry-pick a little bit of scientific information that they don’t even understand themselves and use it to justify their own agendas, opinions, and views, which aren’t necessarily based on any real facts, knowledge, or truth. It’s usually based on their own fear and paranoia.

Alternative news, conspiracy theories, and social media often spread just as much fear, negativity, and paranoia as the mainstream news does. It’s mostly based on hype for the sake of the promotion and publicity of their ideas, opinions, and views — not the truth. And a lot of it is just unnecessary emotional drama.

One of the conspiracy theories out there is that 5G 60MHz frequencies take oxygen out of the atmosphere — causing people to drop dead — and that the coronavirus is a cover-up.

It’s a total misunderstanding of what “atmospheric absorption” means.

First of all, it’s not 60MHz (megahertz). It’s 60GHz (gigahertz).

It’s not that 5G 60GHz frequencies take oxygen out of the atmosphere. It’s that oxygen takes 5G 60GHz frequencies out of the atmosphere. It’s called “attenuation”. 98% of the energy of the 5G frequency is absorbed by oxygen at 60GHz, weakening the signal.

It’s atmospheric absorption of the frequency’s energy and speed — not the frequency’s absorption of the oxygen. It’s the disruption and reduction of the amplitude of the signal. And it’s not just from oxygen. It’s O2, H2O, CO2 and O3 and just about anything else that may be floating around in the atmosphere.

It’s the same principle as wearing a pair of sunglasses. The sunglasses absorb, block, and reduce the electromagnetic frequency from reaching your eyes, but the electromagnetic frequency doesn’t absorb or destroy the sunglasses.

High-band 5G Technology uses millimeter waves, which are weaker than microwaves and have a shorter range. 

Because of atmospheric absorption (attenuation) and millimeter wavelengths, 5G 60GHz frequencies can only travel short distances of a kilometer or so, and they can’t even penetrate some buildings or windows, which is why establishing 5G networks involves adding more and smaller towers that are closer together in smaller grids.

The actual deployment of 5G is actually only in the mid-band range, of which cellphone companies are only using 2.4 GHz to 4.2 GHz for actual device service connections.

People are afraid of cellphones and cellphone towers because of words like “microwaves” and “radiation”, but 5G cellular network frequencies are in the non-ionizing range of the electromagnetic spectrum. Non-ionizing means that these electromagnetic frequencies and wavelengths cannot destroy atomic or molecular structures. Sunlight is actually more dangerous for people than 5G millimeter waves are, hence the use of sunglasses.

In order for 5G frequencies to destroy oxygen, they would have to be ionizing frequencies or generating heat, of which they aren’t and don’t. Or at least not at the wattage in which they are being deployed and used for telecommunication networks.

People’s concerns aren’t entirely unfounded, because 5G Technology does have military-grade capability. But has there ever been a technology that hasn’t been weaponized?

The U.S. military have already developed a directed-energy weapon known as the Active Denial System (ADS), otherwise known as the Heat Ray, because the system works by the high-frequency heating of the surface of its targets. They designed the system for things like crowd-control and perimeter security, and it repels human beings by burning them with a high-powered beam of electromagnetic radiation. And out of 10,000 human test subjects, no one could withstand the pain for more than 5 seconds. But as soon as they stepped away from the beam, the burning sensation stops.

The Heat Ray works by firing a high-powered, 100 kilowatt beam at a 95 GHz frequency of 3.2 millimeter (1/8 inch) wavelengths. Because of the millimeter wavelengths, the beam can only penetrate the outer layer of the skin at about 0.4 millimeters, but continues to burn the target, until the target steps out of the path or range of the beam or the operator of the weapon redirects the beam or turns it off. Now that’s scary.

Ok. That’s military-grade application of electromagnetic frequency technology.

But what does that have to do with 5G cellular networks? Absolutely Nothing.

In the United States, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) restricts the effective radiated power of cellular towers to 500 watts per channel (transmitter), with the majority of cellular towers actually operating at around 100 watts or less per channel (transmitter). The effective radiated power corresponds to an actual radiated power of 5-10 watts. And the power decreases over distance, which is why you can lose a cellphone signal.

What’s the difference?

It’s the Wattage. It’s the amount of electrical power pushing the frequency that determines whether or not the frequency is dangerous or harmful — not the frequency itself.

The Wattage is the Electrical Power per second pushing the Radio Wave.

The Frequency is the Vibrational Rate per second of the Radio Wave.

The difference between a 60GHz commercial-grade radio wave frequency hitting you with 10 watts of power versus a 95GHz military-grade weaponized radio wave frequency hitting you with 100 kilowatts of power is massive. How massive? The main difference would be the additional 99,990 watts of electrical power pushing the frequency.

If 10,000 human test subjects can survive the direct blast from a 100,000 watt 95GHz radio wave frequency — without dropping dead — then how could anyone believe that a 10 watt 60GHz radio wave frequency would cause them to do so, especially when cellular networks are only deploying 30GHz grids and 2.4 GHz to 4.2 GHz to actual devices?

And what does any of that have to do with the coronavirus? Absolutely Nothing.

Just because two situations happen concurrently doesn’t necessarily indicate causation. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they are a coincidence, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that one causes the other. It isn’t necessarily a sign of cause and effect.

The only causal connection between the release of 5G Technology and coronavirus cases happening at the same place and time is population density. It’s not that remarkable.

5G Technology is released in cities where there are larger populations first — because that’s where most of the cellphone customers and infrastructures are. It’s about money and bringing the new technology to as many people as they can, as fast as they can.

Coronavirus cases are larger and spread faster in cities first — because that’s where the larger populations and international travelers are. The coronavirus spreads between people in close contact through respiratory fluids released by coughing, sneezing, and talking — just like any virus. And cities are crowded and over-populated with people.

It has absolutely nothing to do with 5G Technology. It has to do with population density.

If 5G Technology was responsible for making people sick and dropping dead,  and if the coronavirus is a cover-up, then why are people contracting the coronavirus in countries and areas that don’t even have 5G Technology, especially when 5G 60GHz millimeter wave frequencies can’t even travel more than a kilometer or so? It makes no sense.

Here again, I’m not necessarily saying that 5G Technology is good for people. I don’t believe there’s been enough testing. But so far, the scientific consensus about it is that there’s no scientific data to prove that it’s dangerous or harmful — at least not in the commercial-grade network applications with regulated wattage.

I’m not concerned with 5G 60GHz millimeter wavelength frequencies.

The problem with activists, alternative news, conspiracy theories, mainstream news, and social media is that they are often just part of one and the same System of Programming and Control spreading emotional drama, fear, negativity, and paranoia. And the emotional drama, fear, negativity, and paranoia are worse for people than anything else.

If anything, the real problem with 5G Technology is going to be the Digital Addiction and Smart Technology that allows human beings to spread emotional drama, fear, negativity, and paranoia with disinformation and misinformation — faster and wider than they have ever done before. Funny, eh? Yeah. Funny, but dangerous, because emotional drama, fear, and paranoia make people believe in and do irrational and unwise things.

Anyway. Be Good. Be Safe. And try not to buy into The Sickness of Fear.

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