Etheric Artifacts

Etheric Artifacts

Beyond etheric hits and pains, there are also the multidimensional and mystical phenomena of Etheric Artifacts. The etheric forces that hit a person can latch onto the person and manifest in their body and etheric energy field. Etheric Artifacts are etheric objects made by the emotion, mind, and memories of human beings. They come from the projection of the attitudes, black attention, and etheric forces of others through their emotional reactions and rigid intellectual opinions. They are basically the residual etheric energies that come from the life experiences, cultural programming, and history of whatever person that they are manifesting within.

Etheric Artifacts are essentially the etheric manifestations of the Dark Forces of Programming and Control. Programming and Control are not just physical, psychological, and subconscious things. On a metaphysical etheric energy level, Programming and Control are very real Dark Etheric Energies and Forces. And those dark etheric energies and forces can affect the quality of your physical body, consciousness, and life force. They are basically the blocks and binds of emotion and mind that degrade and restrict the flow of your vital etheric life force, but those blocks and binds are very real etheric forces that can manifest in an endless variety of etheric forms, objects, and ways. Spiritual forces are very real.

Etheric hits and pains can happen at any given moment, because they are the etheric energies, thought forms, and vibrations of human emotion and mind flying through the collective human etheric energy field. They come and go. Etheric Artifacts are the residual etheric manifestations from a lifetime of experiences, memories, and programming — manifesting and lingering within a person’s body, consciousness, and etheric energy field — most of which are linked to unprocessed emotion, inner negativity, pain, and resentment.

We remove Etheric Artifacts in the etheric healing work we do, but the secret to understanding Etheric Artifacts is that they can’t latch onto a person for very long, unless the person has the same or similar inner sentiments and psychological attitudes as whatever the Etheric Artifacts are linked to do. So, someone betrays your kindness and generosity with their gossip, greed, and jealousy. Their maliciousness and spite projects an etheric force that hits you in the back. And it manifests as Etheric Artifacts of arrows, daggers, or swords. On a metaphysical energy level, being stabbed in the back is actual and real. It hurts. But your own resentment and spite towards the other person empowers the etheric connection between the two of you — and it sustains the etheric manifestation — degrading the quality of your own life force. You have to be willing to let go of the inner conflict and release things. If you can’t let go of things, you are only degrading the quality of your own consciousness, energy, life force, and life.

Clearing and removing Etheric Artifacts is simple enough, because they are holographic and non-solid manifestations. Blowing on them, wiggling your fingers through them, or yanking them out is usually all that it takes, and their energy breaks down and dissipates. But the secret is that you also have to look at the psychological attitudes and traits that they are linked to, otherwise they can re-manifest. Healing is the combination of both etheric energy work and transforming psychological attitudes and programming. And that is basically what clearing your energy field and processing the inner negativity of the human shadow are all about. You have to be willing to transform negative psychological attitudes and inner sentiments.

You should also understand that much of the Conscious and Subconscious Programming within a person is the Self-Programming of the person themselves. You experience something in life that contradicts what you want to experience, and you form attitudes, beliefs, ideas, and rigid intellectual opinions that aren’t necessarily based on fact, knowledge, truth, or understanding. Most of it is based on ego, emotional reaction, judgement, resentment, and rigid intellectual opinions — things that are not based on Acceptance, Forgiveness, or Understanding.

The repetition of attitudes, beliefs, ideas, and rigid intellectual opinions that are not based on fact, knowledge, truth, or understanding becomes Programming. That’s what Programming is. It’s the repetition of attitudes, beliefs, ideas, and rigid intellectual opinions that determine the quality of your behavior — affecting the quality of your consciousness, energy, and life. These things exist as both psychological attitudes — and etheric manifestations. Not all programming comes from the dogma of beliefs, ideologies, and opinions of the world around you. Much of it comes from the repetition and routine of your own attitudes, emotions, and ways of thinking.

You heal and transcend it all by disciplining emotion and mind. No Reaction. No Opinion. You heal and transcend it all by developing Acceptance, Forgiveness, and Appreciation. No matter what you’ve experienced, you have to reach an Acceptance, Forgiveness, and Appreciation of it. You may not like it. But that’s what Healing and Transcending are. It’s the ability to transform negative psychological attitudes and inner sentiments — and move beyond the emotion, inner negativity, opinions, pain, and resentment. You heal and transcend it all by viewing everything as being nothing more than interesting evolutionary experiences. Just another lesson learned.

You heal and transcend it all by developing Inner Power, Perception, and Understanding. And if you can walk through life with Inner Power, Perception, and Understanding — you’re walking in a State of Transcendence — beyond the pain and programming of human emotion and mind — and into the depths of a multidimensional and mystical spiritual reality and power.

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