The Solar Logos

The Solar Logos

The Solar Logos is a celestial force of light from a 27-dimensional universe — in other words, the Light Symbol or Light Vehicle of the Celestial Force itself. The underlying nature of reality is a holographic field of fractal geometries. The Solar Logos is the original Trinity — a Triangle of Purple, Blue, and Gold. That energy enters into our physical world at certain intervals in direct relation to the development of human consciousness. Inspirations. Realizations. The energy enters into this physical world through people.

To understand this, you have to understand that, on one hand, the Solar Logos is an energy. On the other hand, the Solar Logos is a system of philosophies, teachings, and human virtues. The very quality of your energy is a reflection of the very quality of your true virtues — your actions, attitudes, inner feelings, and ways. The corporeal is born of the incorporeal. The tangible is born of the intangible. The physical is a reflection of spirit. People are a reflection of who and what they are within. You are the reflection of the quality of your inner spirit — the quality of your etheric energy. A celestial energy would not amount to much, if it did not also manifest through the quality of a person’s behavior in life. Would it?

To understand the Solar Logos, you also have to understand the evolutionary path of humanity. Human consciousness is a collective holographic field moving forward in time. The collective field is dominated and ruled by the rigid human intellect. If you look at the timeline of human history, it isn’t hard to see periods where consciousness went through stagnation, like the dark ages. And it isn’t hard to see periods where human consciousness expanded with liberation, such as the rebirth of art and literature during the Renaissance. History is a reflection of the collective consciousness evolving through the timeline.

The collective holographic field of consciousness — the evolutionary path of the rigid human intellect — is essentially a system of programming and control. You were born into a prison for your mind. And you were conditioned to stay in line. The constant hammer of conditioning dictates human behavior. Human behavior is a funny thing. Any time you ever deviated from the socially accepted opinion, you were either outcast or beaten into submission. You offered them love, and they betrayed you with a kiss. So, anyone that ever reached spiritual awareness was considered a threat to the collective system of intellect.

But underneath the surface, your consciousness is a spiritual force of light seeking liberation from the ignorance of the collective field of control. The human spirit will not be held down. Consciousness finds a way. The challenge is to transcend the evolutionary path of the rigid human intellect and to embrace an evolutionary path of spiritual awareness. Consciousness awakens and expands into more awareness and perception of the world around it. People wake up. The collective consciousness experiences shifts.

Consciousness and energy are one and the same thing. Shifts in consciousness are shifts in energy.

The Solar Logos is an energy that enters into the world to create the shifts. It’s an awakening and return to a connection with nature and spirit. The energy is a celestial heat. It has the power to heal. It has the power to transform. The Solar Logos is the return of philosophy and human virtue. It returns to the world through the hearts of people. It’s something you have to embrace within. The return of loving kindness.

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