Fight Club

Fight Club

When I first started this little website, back in 2008, I threw a bunch of little books and movies into an amazon store. I didn’t necessarily explain anything about any of them. I just mentioned that there were hidden meanings and messages within them. And I left it up to people to look for things and determine things for themselves. Some of the movies do contain violence, but that is just part of modern society — selling what sells — and has nothing to do with me. I’m not saying that I advocate or condone everything within the films listed. And I would like to think that people are intelligent enough to understand that.

Some of the films may only contain one little message that holds a metaphysical truth — that can impact one’s consciousness — with deeper realizations. Some of the films don’t even have deep verbal messages at all, but only an underlying feeling of something mystical. Mystical messages intuitively surface through the subconscious minds of people in their art, and that means that they are also subject to the influence of the person’s conscious mind in the creation of their works, as well as the influences of the censorship, control, and corporate objectives that are designed to make things sell. So, you have to filter things out.

One of the most impacting movies that I threw in the list was the 1999 film, Fight Club. Fight Club is not the kind of movie that most spiritual types would ever recommend that you watch. It’s too dark, grungy, and violent for anyone too special — and interestingly enough, specialness is one of the very things that Fight Club attacks. Funny, eh? But as you and I both know, things are not always what they seem. While Fight Club may not appear to have anything to do with spirituality on the surface — the deeper meanings and messages within it — make it one of the most spiritual movies of all time. You have to look past the darkness, grunge, and violence of the surface of the film — or you will never even see it.

Fight Club is a graphic analogy and metaphor — symbolic of destroying human ego and illusion. It’s not about the fighting. It’s not about the violence. The story is about a man awakening to the fact that he’s been living an illusion based on ego. The story is about a man awakening to the fact that society is living and serving an illusion based on the programming and control of the system — the collective ego. In the movie, the narrator beats himself up. Well, he’s not beating himself up — he’s beating his ego down. He is destroying himself physically in the movie — only as a metaphor of destroying a human ego in reality. As the story unfolds, other men find the narrator, and he becomes somewhat of an urban guru. The men form a Fight Club to experience something that is real and to escape the illusions and routine of the tick-tock system. It’s not about fighting and violence. The fighting and violence are just visual representations of destroying the ego and breaking free from the illusion — to become real. It’s an over-dramatization.

Why even mention this movie? Why is any of this relevant? What difference does any of this even make? Because. What is the spiritual journey? The spiritual journey is the process of destroying the ego — in order to embrace the natural ways of spirit. The spiritual journey is the process of transcending illusion — in exchange for embracing life with awareness and perception. The spiritual journey is about ditching programming — to liberate your consciousness. Fight Club is a metaphor of the spiritual journey itself.

Fight Club was considered to be one of the most controversial films of 1999. Why do you think that was? Was it the darkness, grunge, sex, and violence? No. There’s tons of movies with that stuff in them, that nobody ever really seems to mind or bitch about. So, why this film? Why does this film stir people up so much? Because Fight Club is not just another fiction. Fight Club strikes a nerve in people—because Fight Club strikes a truth about our modern society. We live in a system based on ego (a false sense of self) and illusion (a false sense of reality). The ego and illusion are so strong — that people are oblivious to the reality of their existence. Fight Club is controversial, because Fight Club attacks modern society itself.

Fight Club rattles the cage of the human ego and the rigid intellectual opinions of the human mind. You can not develop the quality of your consciousness without rattling the cage of your human ego and the rigid intellectual opinions of your human mind — because ego and the rigid intellectual opinions of your human mind are the very things that form the limitations of your consciousness and your human mind. Do you see? Ego and the rigid intellectual opinions of your mind are the very things that you are here to transcend. Doing so grants the inner power of spirit, awareness and perception, liberation, many things.

To really understand Fight Club — you have to understand “false image” and “imitation”. Modern society has devolved into a system based on false image and imitation — illusion — simulation. There are some children in this world that don’t even know that their food comes from real living animals. They think a chicken is four nuggets in a box that comes with a toy. That’s illusion. Some people in this world have never even seen a real cow, a natural forest, or a mountain lake. How can people that are so far removed from nature have a true appreciation and reverence for nature? They can’t. The world consumes more than it needs — because the world is trapped within the illusions of ego — sustaining the simulation.

Your house is the simulation of a cave. Your furnace is the simulation of a fire. Your car is the simulation of a horse. Your grocery store is the simulation of a garden. Your daycare is the simulation of a family and tribe. Your job is the simulation of hunting and gathering. Your money is the simulation of crops, goods, or skills — the simulation of bartering. Your television simulates life experiences — so that you don’t have to experience real life for yourself. Simulation upon simulation — imitation upon imitation — removes society from all that is natural and real — trapping consciousness within an illusion. This is the reality of our modern society — nature suffers the consequences of it — and so shall we.

Is Fight Club dark, grungy, and violent? Of course it is. It had to be. It’s the juxtaposition — the opposite extreme — attacking the ego, false image, and illusion of a modern society that pretends to be so clean, good, and perfect, that it hides the fact that it’s actually trapping human consciousness and destroying the natural world behind the facade. Things are not always what they seem. Fight Club is clever — very clever — for those that can look past the surface of things to see the deeper meaning and purpose.

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