The Wounded Healer

Wounded Healer

The wounded healer is a phenomenon that occurs between the healer and the one receiving the healing. Psychologist Carl Jung used the phrase to describe experiences in the relationship between the analyst and their patient, where the analyst would examine themselves and experience depths of their own pain, in order to probe, understand, and heal the pain of their patient. Jung expressed that the experience was entirely necessary to the healing process, as well as warned of its many dangers. Jung was an analyst.

I would expand further on Jung’s explanations of the psychological experiences involved to also include explanations of things involved on an etheric energy level—because the depths of it are beyond the mind. The wounded healer syndrome is very real. And there probably isn’t a counselor, doctor, empath, healer, shaman, psychic, psychiatrist, psychologist, or therapist out there that would really disagree with it.

The reason I would like to bring this to your attention, is that although the wounded healer syndrome is prevalent within those particular fields—the wounded healer syndrome actually happens to everyone. The only real question is to what degree? The only real problem is that a person may not even know that the wounded healer syndrome is even happening to them, because it doesn’t just come from getting drawn into another person’s personal issues with your mind. It comes from getting drawn into their energy field and absorbing too much of their energy with your feelings—to where you can fall into delusion yourself.

Here’s how it works.

Ordinary Conversation – Looks Innocent

But on an etheric energy level, when people encounter each other, they become connected by the invisible etheric tubes of their very own energy fields. With a little training, you can learn to see them. They have a transparency to them, but can be seen with the naked eye nonetheless. Once the tubes connect, energy then transfers between people. So, while you may think that your headache or nauseous stomach is just from listening to the other person’s stuff, you’re actually absorbing their stuff at the same time—literally. Becoming clouded by emotion and mind is a very literal thing on an energy level. People just don’t see it.

Energy Transfers Between People

The human mind is really nothing more than a translator of energies beyond its ability to see. Because the mind is translating energies beyond its ability to see, the mind translates things into something that it can relate to and understand. In other words, the mind translates feelings through its own memories and visualizations—trying to make sense of what it senses and feels. When a person takes on the energy of another, they begin trying to translate things that aren’t even theirs—translating energies—feelings.

The only real question is whether or not the mind’s translation of the energy is accurate, because the mind will form delusions, illusions, and false scenarios—just to fill in the blanks of that which it cannot see. This is the very moment when the person becomes disrupted by the energy of others. This is the very moment when the person falls into the wounded healer syndrome—absorbing the energy, pain, or sickness of others—then trying to heal it within themselves—even if it is not theirs.

In order to appease the scientific aspects of our little human minds and just for fun, let’s break down the wounded healer syndrome into classifications. We’ll call them the Wounded Healer Class 1 thru 5.

Wounded Healer Class 1
You listen to someone vent their drama or hang out with someone too long. You sympathize with their pain, but in sympathizing with their pain, memories of your own past pain surface (things that you may have already processed and healed). You relate to the person, based on your understanding of your past experiences, but are cautious, clear, and strong enough not to regress into old dysfunctional patterns.

Wounded Healer Class 2
You linger too long and absorb too much. Memories of your own past pain surface—only you completely regress into the emotional and mental imbalances of them—even if you’ve already processed and healed them—you fall back into them. Class 2 is dangerous, because regressing into old emotional and mental imbalances begins to affect the current quality of your life and those around you. You may even begin to create scenarios in life similar to the very experiences from your past that you’ve grown beyond. Circles.

Another danger of Class 2, is that in sensing your pain—the other person or patient can actually fall into the ego trip of trying to switch roles with you. So, not only have you fallen into your old dysfunction, you are now being advised and influenced by someone that is more dysfunctional than you are. Dangerous. The patient thinks they’re the healer—student thinks they’re the teacher—but they cannot heal your pain, because they can’t heal or understand their own pain—which is why they came to you in the first place. Once they’ve fallen into their ego trip, it makes them even harder to reach. It’s called, “delusional”.

Wounded Healer Class 3
At Class 3, you may or may not fall into your old dysfunction or pain—but you actually take on the pain of the other person or patient. You may actually even begin to take on the same attitudes, inner feelings, opinions, and dysfunctional personality traits of the other person. This also begins to affect the current quality of your life and those around you—as if you’ve become an entirely different person. Dangerous. You may even begin to create scenarios in life similar to the experiences of the other person. Scary.

Misery loves company—and this is how people convert you into it. You have to come to terms and realize that many people want the healing. They don’t necessarily want healed. They don’t necessarily want the solution to their dysfunction. They’d rather suck you into their world for comfort. Strange, but true.

Taking on the pain of others is part of the healing process—but you have to know what you’re doing, to where you do not fall victim to it. Even if a person thinks they have a strong psychological stance, they may not be able to see the energies that they have absorbed. There is absolutely no room for arrogance.

Wounded Healer Class 4
The dangers of the Wounded Healer Class 4 are diverse and far-reaching, because Class 4 is the path of self-destruction. Regardless of whether or not you fall into your own past pain or the pain of the other person or patient, you actually become so obsessed with trying to heal the pain of the other person or deal with the energies that you’ve absorbed within yourself, that you start to self-destruct, and your life starts to fall apart. Obsession is dangerous, because your focus determines your reality.

Wounded Healer Class 5
Class 5 is extreme, to where a person falls into the spiritual con-jobs of their very own mind, or those imposed upon them by others—believing that they actually have to die to heal the pain of others. The strange thing about this, is that the world is full of people that would love you to do so—and the mind wipes of their subconscious thoughts can actually cause you to start believing that you should. There’s absolutely no valid proof that strategy ever worked in the past. But it’s in their programming nonetheless.

Feeling the need to die is not that you actually need to die—it’s that your ego trip needs to die. It’s that your delusion, dysfunction, and obsession need to come to an end—in order to heal and transcend the very pain that you’ve wrapped yourself up into. The entire point of processing is to stop the processing, reach a conclusion, and change things. When a person lingers too long in their process, their inner spirit will eventually try to break free—any way that it possibly can—just to escape the pain of it. Your only real hope is to realize it and wake up, before you’re too far gone.

When you hear kids say, “talk to the hand”, there’s a reason for it. It’s an intuitive defense mechanism against the oncoming energies of emotion and mind. Quite clever really. The power of your own actions, attitudes, inner feelings, and ways is all you ever really have in this world. — Inner Power is Vital.

I teach people how to defend against these things… as well as other things… many other things.

In the end, we’re all just wounded healers trying to get through this thing called, “life”. Don’t go crazy.

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