The Lake of Avalon

Lady of the Lake

Many times, I’ve seen the Lake of Avalon and the Lady of the Lake that Stuart Wilde has discussed in his writings and lectures. When the lake visions come in, we’re usually there together or with other people that we know that we have worked with.

One of the most impacting visions I’ve every had, Mr. Wilde, I and one other person were on the lake in a boat, and we came to this certain spot, and the boat stopped. The Lady of the Lake appeared in that classic depiction of this feminine arm coming up out of the water, and beneath the water was a luminous feminine being with long flowing hair and a luminous flowing gown.

I spontaneously entered the water by rotating, as if turning and laying down backwards into it. I could see Stuart and the other person still in the boat, and looking down through the water’s surface. Then everything rotated again to where the surface of the water went vertical, and the surface became like a large window pane that was now in front of me. Next, I rotated again, turning to face the depths of the lake, which appeared as a deep, deep indigo and purple color.

I observed the Lady of the Lake for some time, as she was beyond amazing to see. Then a power object of some kind was offered to me. It seemed to be a sword, but it was transforming, morphing quickly into other things.

Turning from the sword that was offered, I felt myself go deeper & deeper into the waters… and it was as if the Lady of the Lake was guiding me through all kinds of different dimension… way too many to try and describe here, but I came across a variety of worlds and beings that I’d never seen before. One world was like a very hot and fiery world hovering deep in hyperspace, composed of red colors. There was a red masculine being there that seemed to be in charge of many other beings that were very active and working. His head was huge in comparison to his body, like it was overgrown. He spoke to me as if I wasn’t supposed to be in that particular location, so I just politely excused myself.

Then she took me through many other dimensions, until we ended up in a world that was like a massive translucent crystalline city. In this world, there was a Crystalline Female Archer that stood atop a huge crystal cliff. Her bow was constructed of the same crystalline material as the rest of that dimension, and it seemed to be etched with very complex intricate designs. She was shooting arrows at the earth. It seemed like she didn’t want to or somehow couldn’t come into the earth plane, so she shoots arrows that come from deep within the celestial worlds… and some kind of vortex was opening up to let the arrows through.

A day or two latter, I was shown another vision that there are many archers within her command, as if an army of crystalline archers. It was very interesting, because weeks before… I also had a vision that there were translucent beings swarming into the earth plane in the shape of a vortex. This crystal world seemed to be where they came from.

We’ve come to learn that the visions come in as bits and pieces that we have to put together over time, and it’s all extremely fascinating. The Lady of the Lake has visited me in many different forms since then, with more and more complex information about the inner worlds and the world we live in. Amazing information.

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