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Banned by the Thought Police

The Hooded Sage website is banned and blocked on certain internet service networks, like the free internet services available at hotels, cafes, transportation services, and such. There are various security software services that allow network administrators to adjust their system settings

The Mental Fields

The Mental Fields

People think their thoughts are their own, but that’s not quite the case. The fact of the matter is that we live in a holographic universe, and humanity is connected via an etheric web of energy. Solidity isn’t as solid

Emotional Wave

The Emotional Wave

Human emotion exists as a holographic field within the Sphere of Control that dominates the world we live in. It is an energy field that feeds and sustains itself on the emotional energy of humanity. It was created by emotion, and

Black Resonance

The Black Resonance

On an energy level, negative human sentiments are a black fractal haze. It swirls around people and blocks their ability to see. It’s not just the sentiments of the person it swirls around, it’s a projection of negative energy towards

The Matrix

The Matrix Codes

There has been a lot of interesting discussion over the past ten years between quantum physicists, philosophers, free thinkers, new age buffs and even just normal guys talking over coffee on what has become known as ‘The Matrix’—a hidden system