A metaphysical workshop with Khris Krepcik isn’t so much a series of lectures, as much as it is a mystical experience in another dimension. Our gatherings are a time for learning, healing, and consolidating your inner power. The spiritual journey is not a weekend retreat. It’s not a seminar. The spiritual journey is the evolutionary process of transcending illusion and ignorance to embrace life with perception.

When we gather as a group, energy and information downloads to us from celestial dimensions. These downloads are fractal codes and resonances that provide you with visions and information about your life, the world, and your spiritual journey. It is a merging of energies that builds a new resonance. One that you silently carry back into the world. It’s a mystical experience. One that changes your life.

Upcoming Workshops:

Mystical Retreat with Khris Krepcik
Mystical Retreat - Sedona with Khris Krepcik
April 10th thru 13th, 2014
Daoist Tapping Ceremony with Khris Krepcik
Daoist Tapping Ceremony with Khris Krepcik
December 19th thru 23rd, 2014

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Khris Krepcik Khris Krepcik is an etheric healer and metaphysical teacher with a lifetime of training in the mystic arts and ancient wisdoms. He is considered to be down to earth, natural, and real—authentic and genuine. With over twenty years in the extensive study of... Read the full Khris Krepcik Bio >