Mystical Retreat in Scotland

Scotland Retreat

Mystical Retreat with Khris Krepcik
July 2nd thru 5th, 2015 — Scotland
(Limited to 44 Spaces)

Developing Discipline, Inner Power, and Perception grants you the ability to create a spiritual reality of your own and transcend the collective evolutionary path of human ego, emotion, and mind — which is often ruled by restriction and dominated by pain. As you step forward with a Way of Discipline, it silences the ego and the rigid human intellect — and brings you into a Consolidation of Power. Once the ego and mind are out of the way, you are free to experience a more rarified awareness and perception of reality.

I’m taking 44 warriors (one of which could be you) to the Ancient Celtic Lands of Scotland for a strengthening of body, heart, and spirit. This gathering includes physical, mental, and spiritual disciplines designed to “unplug” one from the outer world — while allowing them to develop the quality of their consciousness and natural inner power. Walking in a balance of softness and strength and using advanced etheric techniques, we will create a mystical dimension — a faster vibrational dimension of warmth, wisdom, and understanding. Once you enter into this anomaly, your energy accelerates into a Quickening, and you spring to life with perception.

Philosophical and Metaphysical Discussions
Khris Krepcik will be discussing philosophy and metaphysics in casual group conversations. We’ll be enjoying each others company in a down to earth, natural, and real environment, where we can openly discuss consciousness, energy, and the underlying nature of reality. For it is through an understanding of human consciousness and the subtle etheric energy field that one’s natural inner power and perception come forward.

Khris Krepcik

Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Disciplines
This gathering includes disciplines of meditation, silence, and physical activities, such as nature walks, martial arts, swimming, relaxation, and other pursuits. The activities are easy enough for anyone, yet challenge the ego and mind into submission, to where one can focus on developing their inner powers. Once the ego and mind quieten, we’ll move into etheric training. All activities proceed — rain or shine.

Morning Kung Fu

Advanced Etheric Maneuvers and Techniques
Khris Krepcik will be providing hands-on training and personal demonstrations of the advanced etheric maneuvers and techniques from his Hooded Sage Course Teachings. If you’ve been wanting to experience these maneuvers and techniques with personal guidance and instruction, this is the gathering to attend. As the energy drops in, you begin to perceive the etheric energy field — with your eyes wide open.

This Workshop Includes:

  • Three Night’s Accommodation at the Venue, Including All Meals
  • Philosophical and Metaphysical Discussions
  • Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Disciplines and Activities
  • Trance State Meditations
  • Advanced Etheric Maneuvers and Techniques

How to Register and Attend
This is a private event for both past and present members of the Hooded Sage Course. Our events usually book full very quickly, selling out within a few hours. The only way to secure your space at the workshop is to register to attend. Come to the Cliff…

Mystical Retreat with Khris Krepcik
July 2nd thru 5th, 2015 — Scotland
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(Limited to 44 Spaces)

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