Golden Resonance

The Golden Resonance

In Disney’s Prince of Persia – the Sands of Time, they have visual special effects that show a very good representation of what a golden resonance looks like. That’s one of the cool things about using movies as references, because they have big budgets and can create high quality graphics. They aren’t always 100% accurate representations of things, but energy and the multidimensional worlds are composed of flowing fractal lights — and this film does a great job of showing what some of it looks like.

Obviously the film is just a fantasy film, but it’s the digital graphics of the golden resonance that make it well worth watching — and it also shows the character dematerializing and going into a non-solid state, of which we know is possible and real, because we’ve seen and experienced it many times. So, although the story’s fantasy, there are some accurate multidimensional things within it. If you’ve never seen energy or some of the worlds we write about, watching this film can help you align to the feeling of it.

To learn to see energy, you have to be open to the possibility of it as a reality. It’s not so much about believing, as much as it is about not believing and just being open, because the rigidity of the mind and what it believes are the very things that block it from perceiving something more. Once the rigidity of the mind is out of the way and not locking on to the solidity of things, it allows you to begin to perceive the non-solid nature of reality. Healing, inner power, and perception all come down to developing a quality consciousness — a quality energy. Consciousness and etheric energy are one and the same thing.

A golden resonance is the resonance of a celestial force — a mystical healing energy of celestial warmth. Aligning to it is simply a matter of neutralizing the coldness and inner negativity of the rigid intellect and developing a sense of true inner virtues and warmth. If you would like to know what unconditional love looks like — it’s a golden resonance. It’s simply a golden vibrational resonance of celestial warmth.

As a person develops the quality of their consciousness, what do you think they are really doing? Is it about forming more concepts and rigid intellectual opinions within the mind? Is it about developing close-mindedness, coldness, and rigidity? No. It’s about releasing the rigid opinions within the mind, reaching openness, and developing a vibrational resonance of warmth — a golden resonance.

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