Miracles of Ayahuasca

Miracles of Ayahuasca

Ayahuasca is a sacred plant medicine that has been used for thousands of years by the indigenous tribes of South America. It is usually prepared as a brew that one drinks. The medicine takes a person through a physical, emotional, and mental healing process, while also granting them perception into spirit worlds. When people from modern society hear of such things, they often shrug it off, as the idea of it doesn’t fit within the norms of their social programming. They’re often a bit stuck in the fear and programming that society sells them. But to think that other cultures have no wisdom is a serious glitch in a person’s psychological stance. Such harsh judgements, with absolutely no experience in the matter whatsoever, blinds them from developing and evolving into a more expansive level of consciousness.

You are not your body, emotion, mind, or ego. You have a body, emotion, mind, and ego. They are illusions. You are a multidimensional being. You are a spark of the celestial force. Ayahuasca breaks down the illusions of reality and reveals the depths of your true inner self. It grants you perception of things on a holographic energy level. It helps you learn to see.

The first thing to understand about ayahuasca is in understanding that it is a physical cleansing. The sacred medicine kills parasites within the body and clears out harmful toxins. It brings your body out of a toxic and acidic state and into a state of alkalinity. Maintaining about an 80% alkalinity is crucial to healing and developing perception. It helps you reach a faster vibrational energy level. Beyond the physical cleanse, aya takes you through the levels of your emotional and mental imbalances—not just your conscious level stuff, but the deeper levels within your subconscious. Developing awareness and perception is directly related to clearing out the programming of your subconscious mind.

As I’ve mentioned before, healing on an etheric energy level is a process of removing dark energies from within your energy field. Any dark inner sentiment, emotional imbalance, or negative thoughts that you may have, whether it be on a conscious or subconscious level, also exist as a holographic form of energy within your energy field. Even the negative thoughts and feelings that others project onto you exist as energies in your etheric field. Aya allows you to see those energies. It helps you rid yourself of them, because if you can see it, you can heal it. You can transform. Every shift on an energy level is also a shift on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level. It’s all connected—body, mind, spirit. Anything you heal and transform on one level is reflected as changes in the other levels.

We use ayahuasca to help others heal, develop their perception, and expand their consciousness. We’ve seen amazing things, some of which are nothing less than miracles. We’ve observed physical injuries heal overnight—knee injuries, slipped spinal disks, muscular problems, aches and pains from past injuries, skin blemishes, many things. It’s part of how aligning to the faster vibrational rates of spirit can transform the physical body. The even more amazing things are in the overnight healing and release of the deeper levels of emotion and mind. It helps people ditch their baggage, to where they expand into new levels of consciousness. It liberates them. They become vibrant. You can see it in their eyes. You can see it in their etheric energy. As a person heals, they become more and more radiant.

The interesting thing about aya is that it always shows you exactly what you need to see or experience as the next best step in your evolutionary path. So, while at first it takes you through the physical cleansing and then the emotional and mental processing, it then takes you into deeper levels of perceiving energy and the spirit worlds. It’s a mystical experience. Once you move beyond your personal stuff and process your shadow, ayahuasca grants you new levels of ability. All of the top healers, visionaries, and aluna fighters have used ayahuasca at some point to reach the levels of perception and ability that they have. It’s been quite amazing to watch their development over time. We’ve watched people go from little or no real ability to developing abilities beyond anything ever seen before.

Here’s something you may find interesting. There is no real difference between you and your higher self. They are one and the same thing, they just exist at different vibrational frequencies. The physical you operates within the confinements of the physical plane. The faster vibrational you operates within the confinements of the faster vibrational dimensions, which are less restrictive than the physical plane. But the two are one and the same thing. Separation is an illusion of the mind. As you align to your faster vibrational self and the multidimensional worlds, as you expand your mind beyond the confinements of programming, you and the higher you begin to merge into one consolidated existence. You begin to integrate into one integrated consciousness and form. That integration grants you a broader spiritual perspective. It grants you abilities beyond the normal human experience. It grants you the ability to function in multidimensional worlds.

When I look at people, I often see their physical form and their higher self at the same time. If a person is stuck in dark emotion and mind, their etheric energy is rather gray and dark—there’s not much radiance to it. When a person heals their darkness and aligns to their higher aspects, their etheric energy becomes very radiant with color. It begins to flow with radiant colors and fractal energies. Ayahuasca grants you the ability to heal your darkness, align to your celestial aspects, and merge the aspects of your consciousness together into one. It grants you the ability to see the levels of energy in which we speak. It grants you the ability to see energy, the etheric, the fractal logo, and your multidimensional self.

If you’ve been considering the ayahuasca experience, but are just a bit afraid or hesitant about the thought of it, don’t be. It’s a safe and gentle process. Let me ask you this. Do you choose to live your life based on the fears and programming of the system? Or, do you choose to live your life based on stepping beyond the fears and programming of the system? Any fear or hesitancy that you have about it is only the ego. It is only the programming of a system that doesn’t want you to become free of its grip. And the spiritual journey is all about transcending the ego and the programming of the system.

Beyond the world of programming and control, there is a world undreamed of. It is real. Have faith.

If you’re the type to step beyond the fear and programming and would like to experience ayahuasca with a group of scallywags and fringe dwellers that know a bit about this mystical stuff, then watch for any upcoming Ayahuasca Ceremonies that we may schedule. Step forward. Come, if you can.

Peaceful journeys.

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