The Ayahuasca Worlds

Ayahuasca Worlds

The Native Tribes of the Amazon have a sacred healing medicine known as ayahuasca. I first read about it twenty years ago in Michael Harner’s book, the Way of the Shaman, but not having access to the exotic plants at the time, my shamanic journeying relied on drumming and visualization techniques. Then I came across theta metronomes, and I found them to be an even more effective method in reaching and maintaining trance state levels. So, I blended the techniques together as a means to self-induce the near death experience and travel through various etheric tubes into other dimensions. It wasn’t until 2007 that I actually started attending ayahuasca ceremonies, and I find it very similar to the trance state experience and the near death tube. But ayahuasca was like a whole new level of visual enhancement for perceiving energy and the inner worlds.

I came across this cool movie called Renegade (aka Blueberry) by director Jan Kounen, who has experienced ayahuasca ceremonies many times with the Shipibo Tribe of Peru. It’s an amazing visual re-creation of aya-like experiences for everyone to see. I don’t want to ruin the movie for you, but this video clip shows the main ayahuasca scene from the film. If you watch the clip, I’ll explain what some of these things are below.

(Sorry, the video was removed from YouTube by Sony Pictures.) I still recommend watching the movie.

After taking the ayahuasca as a brewed drink with the shaman, Blueberry begins to see the energy worlds that overlay our world. Those worlds are always there, it’s just that our minds can’t normally see them due to a deficiancy of DMT (dimethyltryptamine), which is a natural chemical substance in our bodies. Aya replenishes our deficiency, allowing us to expand our perception of the energies that surround us. As he looks up, he sees several tall beings standing behind the shaman. Those beings are like the shaman’s higher self and Beings that are with him as protectors and guides.

Black bugs and dark energies move into the experience with the appearance of the movie’s villian. You’ll notice that Blueberry experiences the blackness, before realizing the villian is even there. This is very much how a person’s energy is projected outward from them and forward as a resonance that other people can feel. As the villain approaches, you see his face flash with a freightening red skull overlay. We’ve seen that many times on people that have an inner demonic aspect, sometimes appearing as a red eye or as mephistopheles beings. When the two men fall to the ground, Blueberry is pulled into the villain’s inner hell worlds, but you’ll also notice several golden snakes flying into the darkness. The golden snake in the etheric or in the aluna spirit worlds is a weapon that wipes out dark forces. So, the snakes are a good force in this situation, as it is the energy of the hero combating the dark forces.

Blueberry then falls into the deep black fractal hell worlds. While there, he comes face to face with something from his past that has been stored as a darkness within him. As he’s seeing it, there is a spinning vortex of energy on his forehead. That vortex looks like the third eye chakra, when it’s experiencing a pure inner sentiment. Other white orbs and swirling vortexes come into the picture, like a soul that then morphs into the girl that he is remembering. He then sees the boy that he was and the darkness around his heart. Those black attachements are from the painful experiences and guilt he’s carried with him. We’ve pulled many black entanglements off of people’s hearts and bodies that look very much the same as this does. With the forgiveness of the girl, he then also forgives himself. His adult form embraces the inner child and heals it. You can sense the love expressed in the scene.

Now that the pain and dark artifacts have been removed, he begins to align to even deeper levels of his inner self. Attaining a broader awareness, new levels of protection are given to him and his energy grows stronger, to where he becomes a Being with circuitous flowing tubes. As he aligns to this form of his higher self, there is a quantum of energy that is released like a pulsing burst of light. There is a technique we use that is like a heart pulse that spreads out as bright blasts of light, wiping out dark energies and negative sentiments. When this happens, the villain’s inner form as an evil insect type creature is hit by the blast, destroyed and dissolves away, causing the human villain to also die in 3d.

From that point on, Blueberry realizes that he wants to live and is shown flashbacks from his life. It is a memory code that ties him back into the physical plane. He calls on the shaman for assistance and begins traveling through many different fractal dimensions. Those fractals are the holographic structures of the various worlds he passes through. He comes across the shaman in another dimension, and there are celestial beings that are performing energy work on his hyperdimensional cube—an aspect of his etheric energy field and higher self. It looks as if they are building something as a structure of light, channeling energy into the shaman’s field.

After Blueberry passes through these experiences and worlds, his higher self is shown with another development, a new level of protection in the form of a helmet. We’ve see the etheric helmets on people in 3d, and they’re a gift that the Beings sometimes build for people that protect them from dark hits and negative psychic influences.

Most of the things shown in this little clip are all things that we’ve become familiar with in the various inner world dimensions. It’s very much the way it all really looks. There aren’t many things out there that can show you the ayahuasca experience, without actually taking the aya for yourself, but this film is a very accurate representation. Of course, the movie clashes hero against villain, so the journey shown is a reflection of that dark confrontation, but aya can also be a very celestial visionary experience. The worlds it takes you to are beyond amazing and alive, and the sacred ayahuasca medicine will help people learn to see again.

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